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Major League Baseball: Pitchers You Can Bet On

It's the start of the MLB season and already some pitchers have come to the forefront. Who looks good and has the support to win a slew of games? You may want to wager on these guys all season long....

baseball betting article

The Futures of Major League Baseball

Futures wagering - which is in essence betting on who will win their division, conference, league or the whole kit and caboodle - is extremely attractive because more times than not the odds are very...

baseball betting article

Baseball Futures

Bettors hardly need anabolic steroids to get pumped up for a 2005 Major League Baseball season that begins with the greatest rivalry in all of sports, the defending World Series champion Boston Red...

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Betting Baseball 2004

With the exception of horse racing, where the vigorish is so deep that all but a handful of bettors are drowned in it, no sport offers more daily wagering opportunities than Major League Baseball. "...

baseball betting article

Major League Baseball Futures

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but value is in the pen of the oddsmaker. And the oddsmakers at The Greek Sportsbook have determined that the Yankees chances of winning the 2004 World Series...

baseball betting article

Betting Baseball

The cry of "Play ball" will be heard across stadiums this month as Major League Baseball begins another season with a familiar refrain: For the sixth year in a row, those "Damn Yankees" are the team...