Final Four Betting: Ranking The 4 Teams Left In March Madness

There are a lot of things to like about each of the teams that have made their way to the Final Four, but if you had to rate these teams in order of quality, where would you start and finish? And how do they look in comparison to the futures?

1. Kentucky Wildcats
Odds To Win March Madness: Wildcats -175

In all of college basketball, this would seem to be the team that deserves to be ranked first. The Wildcats have been a national leader all season long in defensive field goal percentage. The reason for this is that Kentucky is so long and tall near the basket that it blocks and alters a lot of shots near the rim. Notre Dame played exceptionally well, with the important word being “exceptionally.” The way the Fighting Irish got clean shots near the basket only shows that much more how hard it was and is to score on Kentucky near the basket. The Wildcats have been fantastic on defense all season long except for that game and an early-January win over Ole Miss at home. This team was able to play through the stress of knowing that it was going to have to win a game at the wire against Notre Dame. Kentucky should feel that it can pass any test and answer any challenge right now. That’s a very tough combination of things to bet against. The Wildcats should beat Wisconsin, and if they do, they should even more surely win the national championship on Monday night.

2. Wisconsin Badgers
Odds To Win March Madness: +400

This is the team most likely to beat Kentucky and get in the way of the Wildcats this weekend in Indianapolis. The Badgers have been in the top echelon of teams this season in terms of offensive efficiency and shooting statistics. The Badgers are 15th in the nation in field goal shooting, at 48.2 percent. They’re seventh in two-point shooting, at 55.2 percent. They’re 11th in free throw shooting, at 76.4 percent. They’re the number one team in the country in points scored per possession, with 1.197, an extremely high number as far as that particular statistic is concerned. The Badgers are also the best team in the whole nation with 7.2 turnovers per game – no one takes care of the ball better than Wisconsin does. The team is second in the country in assist-turnover ratio, at 1.749 to 1. This team is just so airtight and does not give away possessions. It has grown a lot over the course of the season to become better than Duke. The Blue Devils won in Wisconsin in the first week of December, but that was a long time ago. Wisconsin’s two best players, Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker, are playing better than any two Duke players right now.

3. Duke Blue Devils
Odds To Win March Madness: +285

The Blue Devils did beat Wisconsin on the road earlier in the season, something Michigan State didn’t come very close to doing, so they’re a strong third and could easily be second. The reason why Duke is third is that the Blue Devils really weren’t on top of their game this past weekend against Utah and Gonzaga. Duke shot the ball poorly against Utah except for Justise Winslow (8 of 13), and against Gonzaga, the Blue Devils shot under 40 percent as a team. Wisconsin is playing better than Duke is right now.

4. Michigan State Spartans
Odds To Win March Madness: +800

The Spartans are part of the Final Four, but they are the weakest link, a seventh seed compared to three number one seeds. Michigan State has Travis Trice and Denzel Valentine playing well, but Branden Dawson and Matt Costello are struggling, and they need to be better for this team to compete with Duke on Saturday. Dawson shot under 50 percent on Sunday against Louisville and didn’t really make much of an impact until the final 10 minutes of the second half. He needs to become a 40-minute force for the Spartans this weekend in Indianapolis.