Possible First-Round Upsets In The 2016 NCAA Tournament

Selection Sunday has passed us and now we’re ready to start filling out our brackets. Remember that March Madness is all about the upsets, so be careful when you assume that a higher seed will beat a lower one. We’ve got four games here that you should be wary of in the first round when you’re making your picks.

No. 14 Green Bay over No. 3 Texas A&M

This is an upset that would definitely send some shockwaves. If it does happen, a number of brackets will be shredded but let us be the first to warn you of the potential upset here. This suggestion has more to do with a lack of faith in Texas A&M than anything else but Green Bay isn’t bad.

Starting with the Aggies, this is a team that is in the Top 25 but they play in the SEC. That’s not exactly the strongest conference of them all. Beyond that, Green Bay has a team stocked with veteran guards and we saw what they’re capable of when they be Valpo in the Horizon League Tournament. Don’t assume anything in this spot. Green Bay is in fact good enough to get the win here.

No. 10 Virginia Commonwealth over No. 7 Oregon

A No. 10 seed upsetting a No. 7 seed isn’t really anything major in the NCAA Tournament but this looks like one spot it could happen. VCU is a team with some pedigree and they won’t be intimidated by the setting whatsoever. They’re going up against an Oregon State team that hasn’t even played in the NCAA Tournament since 1990, so this is some new territory for them. Beyond that, this is a team that’s very young. They’re ripe for the picking in this spot and VCU should take advantage.

No. 11 Gonzaga Over No. 6 Seton Hall

Gonzaga is a team that usually has a bit of a better seeding than this. Although they’re a mid-major, they typically perform better than they have this season. Still, they are a team with some experience and a coach who has been there before. Although they’re not exactly expected to win, they are playing a team that’s a bit of a wild card. Someone like Isaiah Whitehead can get hot and score 10 points in a row but then he could also commit turnovers on three or four straight possessions. There’s an opening for Gonzaga here.

No. 13 Iona over No. 4 Iowa State

This would be a big surprise as No. 13 seeds are always longshots. However, if we’re throwing darts, keep an eye on this matchup. What’s interesting here is that Iowa State has had a lot of rough patches this season as they clearly miss former head coach Fred Hoiberg, who is now on the sidelines for the Chicago Bulls. They could cap off a challenging season with a first-round loss to Iona. The Gaels have a stellar player in guard A.J. English, so maybe he shows up in a big way and leads the upset here.