Breaking Down Picks 16 Through 20 For The 2015 NBA Draft

With the prospects lined up and the order of selection established, the countdown to the 2015 NBA Draft is on. Not every team will draft in the top-5 but this is a deep draft class and that means any team picking in the top-20 will have a chance to land a player that could be part of their franchise for years to come. We have broken down the players most likely to go to every team in the top-20. Here is our projections for picks 16 through 20.

16. Boston Celtics – PG: Trey Lyles, Kentucky

The Celtics would like to move up from this spot but they might not have the assets to necessitate that climb so we have them keeping their pick to both address a need and take the best available player on the board. Lyles could potentially go higher but if he is available at 16 there is no doubt that Boston should take him to become a second power forward on their roster that can learn and develop his skill set behind Jared Sullinger on Brad Stevens’ roster.

17. Milwaukee Bucks – PF: Kevin Looney, UCLA

Milwaukee will look for a big man here and after just missing out on Lyles they won’t be too disappointed with Looney right there on the board waiting to be taken. Looney has the size, strength and raw talent to really be groomed as a future star for the Bucks and while it will take time for him to reach his potential at the NBA level this will be a strong pick for a team that needs another rim protector that can rebound. A hip injury and a form of sports asthma pushed Looney further down the list than he otherwise would have been but it will only benefit Milwaukee and their betting lines when they take him here.

18. Houston Rockets – SF – Sam Dekker, Wisconsin

The Rockets get this pick thanks to the Omer Asik trade with the New Orleans Pelicans and they will have the opportunity to add a potential future star with it in this spot. Dekker has the size, strength, quickness and shooting ability to become an absolute star at the NBA level and he couldn’t ask for a better situation than going to Houston where he can be developed by Kevin McHale’s staff. Dekker needs to become mentally tougher and really learn how to use his strengths to their max potential at the NBA level and the fact that he won’t be shoved in to the spotlight right away will really help him as he focuses on learning the pro game in his first couple of seasons on a contending team.

19. Washington Wizards – PF – Montrezl Harrell, Louisville

Most NBA mock drafts don’t have Harrell going this high but Washington’s back court is set with John Wall and Bradley Beal locked in for the next few years and their need for a big man might be enough to entice them to take the Louisville star. Harrell is still somewhat undersized but what he makes up for it with his explosive athletic ability and work ethic so the Wizards would be smart to reach for him in this spot.

20. Toronto Raptors – PG – Jerian Grant, Notre Dame

The Raptors will have a couple of options in this spot with Trey Lyles and Tyus Jones on the board but we like Grant as the athletic point guard with the size, smarts and talent to eventually succeed Kyle Lowry as the starter in Toronto. Grant is one of the best pick-and-roll point guards on the board and his ability to play multiple positions makes him that much more lucrative to take in this spot as a player that might still be somewhat underrated despite what he accomplished last season at Notre Dame.