Here’s The Top 4 Destinations For Kevin Love

The Kevin Love saga is an interesting undercurrent to the NBA playoffs as this was supposed to be a big time for the Cleveland Cavaliers' forward, until he was injured in the first round against Boston. His time in Cleveland has been inconsistent to say the least, and he has a player option that he can use worth over $16 million by June 30th. If he doesn't return to Cleveland (and he should), here are four teams on which he could land.

Los Angeles Lakers

It is a match made in heaven, isn't it? Love was born and raised in California (his uncle, Mike, is a founding member of the Beach Boys), he went to school at UCLA and it would be a major coup to be a part of the team that makes the Lakers respectable again. It would also help the Lakers move towards the post-Kobe Bryant era, and it would be a solid selling point for Russell Westbrook, another California native whose contract is up in two seasons, and the two are good friends that played together at UCLA and were picked in the top five of the 2008 draft (Westbrook at #4, Love at #5).

Houston Rockets

The Rockets already have James Harden and Dwight Howard in place, and Howard is the rim-protector that you need to have beside Love, who for all of his offensive skills, isn't the best defender in the world. They also have a spaced-out, drive-and-kick system that would showcase Love's skills as Harden's ability to get into the lane will open up space for Love, whose game is far more conducive to the openness of the Western Conference.

New York Knicks

The Knicks will have the money and they need a star, some sort of name that will help them on this rebuilding process. Where they pick in the draft will have a major effect on this as well as the Knicks are aiming to get into the top two and go with either Karl-Anthony Towns out of Kentucky or Jahlil Okafor from the national champions out of Duke. Both of those players love to play down in the post, which will allow Love to roam on the perimeter. It won't make for a great defensive team, but it's a start.

Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers were involved in the three-way deal that sent Love to the Cavaliers, and we know he isn't averse to playing on bad teams as he spent so much time in Minnesota. The 76ers still have a few pieces to get before they're good, but Love would be a solid pickup as they have rim protection with Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid (if they can stay healthy), he would add a little star power to the team and he would have free license to basically do whatever he wanted offensively. If they can afford (and if they're even looking to spend in the offseason), the 76ers should at least sniff around the Love situation.