The Smart Betting System For Betting NBA Conference Finals

The NBA playoffs are right around the corner and while the focus for many handicappers is on the final stretch before the postseason, there is nothing wrong with looking ahead even further with a chance to make some serious money. There are only a few instances in professional sports when reliable betting systems stand the test of time but that has certainly been the case when it comes to betting the NBA conference finals.

The System

When it comes to betting basketball playoffs, the one system that has stood the time is betting on underdogs and the under. There are plenty of different postseason systems out there but the best part about this one is that on top of being so consistently successful it also happens to be among the simplest to understand and institute.

How It Works

Everything you need to know about this system is in its title as it simply comes down to betting both the underdogs to cover the spread and for the games to stay under the total when it comes to betting on the conference finals. It’s common knowledge that by the time we arrive at the conference finals the four remaining teams standing should be good enough to keep the competition close and that means more often than not the underdogs will be able to cover. At the same time, defense is at a premium come playoff time as teams tend to dramatically step up their level of effort and hustle at that end of the floor and that’s a sign that the games are more likely to be lower scoring.

What The Numbers Say

The numbers indicate that this system is more than just a theory as a 10-year sample revealed that underdogs were 55-37-2 when it came to covering the spread in the conference finals. The numbers also indicate that betting the under has been a very successful approach to conference final games as they have hit at a 55-38-1 record over that same span.


As is the case with every betting system out there it is always important to take a closer look at the matchups in order to figure out whether or not the situation is favorable to betting the underdogs and the under in a specific game. The overall numbers clearly indicate that overall it makes a lot of sense to bet both but considering they were taken over the span of a decade there were certainly years when the number of underdog wins were higher and when they were lower based on the disparity between the teams that played. Make sure that you use this system as a guide more than an absolute lock in place in order to increase your chances to win even more because while the numbers indicate that betting both the underdog and the under in conference final games makes a lot of sense there are other factors involved for specific games that can really help narrow down which contests in a specific series will be part of the greater percentage and which won’t.