College Football Betting: What You Should Look For In Spring

Before the start of the NCAA football regular season, football fans tend to tune in to the spring college football games. However, these games often feature adapted rules and scoring systems. Additionally, starters who aren’t healthy will simply not play in the game and many lineups are tossed around to try out new things. As a result, a lot of what happens during these games don’t mean much for the official regular season. However, these games can provide sharp bettors with a few clues about how prepared a team might be for the start of the regular season. In this article, we’ll take a look at what you should look for in spring NCAA football games.

Defensive Dominance

If a team is going through coaching changes or turnover at key positions, there’s a good chance that the offense or defense won’t be operating at full capacity. However, if neither unit is at full strength, the defense should be expected to perform better than the offense due to the fact that defensive players simply have to react while offensive players must carry out a plan. Additionally, an offensive play can fall apart if one player makes a mistake whereas a defensive play requires mistakes from several players to fall apart.

Quarterbacks’ Order Of Play

While quarterback statistics are totally meaningless in spring games, what’s interesting to take note of is the order that a team’s quarterbacks play in. If a team is facing a transition at the quarterback position, the order that the team’s quarterbacks play in may provide you with clues as to how the starting quarterback race is shaping up. The sooner you can get a feel for what’s about to happen, the bigger your edge.

Individual Defensive Players

While the overall play of the defensive unit is often difficult to judge, what’s important is if a single defensive player consistently excels and performs well, especially if this defensive player isn’t already considered a star. A big performance, or big performances, during spring games may be an indicator that a specific defensive player is ready to break out and have a huge upcoming season.

Play Selection

Although players typically won’t be operating with a full playbook in a spring game, there may be certain things that you can pick up from a team’s play selection. For example, a team that typically tends to be very pass-heavy has been relying much more on the running game during spring. This could be an indicator that the team has been working a lot more on its running game and will rely on it much more for the upcoming regular season.

Team Discipline

While the plays that are executed won’t be polished or flawless, if a team looks to be out of control or undisciplined, this could be a sign that the team is not yet mentally, or even physically, ready for the upcoming regular season. Attitudes can usually be discerned quite easily from watching a team play, which translates into how disciplined a team will likely be once the regular season gets under way.

Special Teams

While there are many aspects of the game that’s different during the spring, the one thing that remains consistent is the size and location of the uprights. If a kicker is capable of hitting field goals and extra points during the spring, chances are he’ll certainly be able to do the same during the regular season.