NFL Betting: How To Get Started

In this article, we’ll provide a refresher when it comes to betting on the NFL by focusing on the most common types of bets as well as what to look for when trying to place a bet. In a sense, this article should act as a crash course for an inexperienced bettor betting on the NFL for the first time or for bettors who’ve wagered on the NFL in the past, but it’s been a while since they’ve placed a bet. Let’s jump right into it.

Types Of Bets Available

#1 – Straight Bets

A straight bet is the simplest type of bet in the NFL. The team that you’ve wagered on needs to win the game for you to win your bet. It doesn’t matter whether the team that you’ve wagered on wins by one point or twenty points. With this type of bet, the potential odds also vary widely, with heavy favorites only paying out a small fraction of the amount wagered, while heavy underdogs could potentially pay out a significant multiplier of your bet amount.

#2 – Spreads

Betting on the spread is the most popular type of wager when it comes to NFL betting. When betting on the spread for a favorite, the favorite must win by a certain number of points for you to win your wager. On the other hand, when betting on the spread for an underdog, you win your bet if the underdog wins the game, but the underdog can lose the game below a certain number of points and still have you win your bet.

#3 – Over/Under Game Totals

Game totals refers to the total number of point scored in a game. Over/under game total lines specify a number that oddsmakers have set and the bettor will have the opportunity to either bet that the total number of point scored in a game will go over or under the game total.

#4 – Parlays

Parlays involve having multiple bets on the same card. Essentially, to win a parlay, all of your picks (at least two) must win in order for you to win the parlay, and which will also result in a pretty massive payout due to the multiplier effect of each bet on the parlay. However, if one of your picks loses even if all other picks win, you still lose your parlay.

Things To Look For When Betting On The NFL

#1 – Quarterback

Arguably the most important position when it comes to the NFL, the quarterback is able to influence the outcome of a game in many ways, include whether a team wins or loses, how many points a team wins or loses by, and how many total points his team ends up scoring in a game. Comparable to a starting pitcher in baseball, the quarterback is a very important position to take note off when betting on the NFL.

#2 – Injuries

Injuries are a facet of every sport and plays a key role in influencing the outcomes of games. It’s important to be aware of which players are injured and how this will affect their team. Some players who are injured may play a much larger role than other injured players. It’s key to estimate the potential impact of player injuries.

#3 – Home Vs. Away

Some teams tend to play much better at home compared to on the road, while other teams are capable of playing just as well as home or on the road. With teams that have skewed home and away splits, it’s crucial to be able to pick out these teams and use these trends to your advantage.