The Key System To Consider To Predict A CFL Grey Cup Winner

The Canadian Football League has steadily grown in popularity over the last few years to the point where ESPN is now broadcasting the games on a regular basis. In addition to being an exciting teaser for the forthcoming NFL season, the CFL is loaded with former college stars that are looking to earn an NFL contract showcasing their skill sets north of the border. The CFL also represents another avenue by which sports betting fans can make some serious money. Here is a look at the key system to help accurately predict which team will win the CFL Grey Cup.

Understanding The Difference Between CFL & NFL

The CFL features 12 players per side with a wider and longer field that includes deeper end zones. Scoring also includes single points for unreturned punts in to the end zone and missed field goals. Most importantly, back field motion prior to the snap makes the CFL that much more different of a game than the NFL as receivers are able to time their routes and hit top speed at the moment the ball is snapped. The CFL regular season is 18 games long rather than 16 with nine teams making up two divisions. The top teams earn byes and home advantage in the playoffs but unlike in the NFL, a team can cross over between divisions and gain a playoff spot if their record is better than a potential playoff side from the other division. The key differences between the CFL and NFL are important to understand and anybody that has watched the different games already knows the differences and the impacts they can have aren’t difficult to comprehend.

Betting Totals In The CFL

There is a wide range of betting lines available that are similar to the NFL but perhaps the best avenue for casual sports bettors to explore is betting on totals. Around 40% of the regular season games played since 2008 have featured a total that has been 48 points or lower while nearly 60% of the games have had 48 points or more. The wider diversity of scoring options usually leads to higher scoring numbers in the CFL than the NFL, especially when it comes to the top offenses in the league.

Strategy For Picking Grey Cup Winners

Pythagorean estimates are established in many North American sports and that includes the CFL. This approach uses points sored and conceded as a reliable indicator of a side’s true ability. For example, if two teams are tied with 6-2 records but one has a +40 point differential and the other has a +21 point differential than the former is clearly the better team. Past performance is usually a good indicator of future performance and that is true in the CFL where we can break down the numbers. Of the 56 individual team seasons from 2007 through 2015, the Pythagorean wins from the previous campaign predicted win records in the next season more accurately for 31 team seasons. The most efficient CFL teams usually tend to thrive the following year as well and that is important to remember when picking a Grey Cup winner. Make sure you consider points scored combined with points allowed as the best indicator for team potential and the best strategy for picking Grey Cup winners.