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The NFL Factor

You're about to match cash to conviction and risk some dead presidents on the impending NFL season and you're wondering, "What one factor will determine whether I win or lose?"Good question.Some...

football betting article

2004 NFL Preview

"On any given Sunday...," goes the old refrain, arguing that even the worst NFL team has a chance for victory against the best NFL team if that funny shaped ball takes a couple of peculiar bounces....

football betting article

2004 College Football Preview

Southern Cal, which was denied a chance at the Bowl Champion Series title when the BCS computers went on tilt last year, has been installed as a solid 7/2 favorite to make amends this season by...

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Betting the Super Bowl

It's still unclear whether The Greek Sportsbook, which established a world record when it posted a phenomenal 303 propositions on the 2003 Super Bowl, will exceed that mark this year. But no matter...

football betting article

Betting the NFL Playoffs

The NFL playoffs kick off the first weekend in January but underdog players hoping to gain an extra point or two probably will have to keep their canines on a tight leash one more week before firing...

football betting article

Parlays Offer Hope, Danger During College Football Bowl Season

When teams meet in the Humanitarian Bowl, Dec. 29, it will kick off a dangerous one-week, 19-game post holiday college football bowl season during which the element of risk will greatly outweigh the...