Some Important Tips To Remember When Betting On Golf

Anybody that is interesting in betting on golf will generally have three different types of wagers for any given tournament. Sports bettors can place a wager on a particular golfer to win the event, finish in the top-three in the tournament or finish higher than another golfer in a head-to-head betting matchup. Here is a look at some important tips to keep in mind for betting on golf.

Understanding The Odds

The sports betting numbers for each tournament are listed with money line odds for each entrant in a given tournament to win outright, which could look something like this:

Jason Day +250
Jordan Spieth +300
Rory McIlroy +400
Phil Mickelson +500

These odds are simply to read and they make it easy to place a bet on each entrant you think has a reasonable chance to win a tournament. For example, if you bet on Day to win outright then you will win $25 for every $10 that you risk. Many events will include an option for “The Field” at the bottom, which has a moneyline number for you to bet on any golfer that is not included among those whose odds are available.

Picking The Top Three

The odds for betting on golfers to place in the top-three will resemble the example listed above for outright winners. However, the odds will be adjusted since there is a much greater possibility that a golfer places in the top-three of a tournament than win it outright. For example, Day is listed at +250 to win outright in the example we used above while he could be listed at +200 to place in the top-three. Picking a golfer to place in the top-three might not pay out as handsomely but the potential is there to risk more money in order to win a substantial amount while covering your bases as long as they are in contention for that outright victory.

Betting On Head-To-Head Matchups

The final type of golf wager is betting on the head-to-head matchups. The numbers can differ across the board but there is some substantial value to be found in the right spots. For example, if anybody predicts that Mickelson will finish with a better score than Spieth at the tournament we outlined above then the potential is there for the sports bettor to receive some excellent value betting on that matchup. Spieth would likely be listed at minus-odds to beat Mickelson but on the other hand, Mickelson would be listed at plus-money to beat Spieth.


The majority of fans that bet on golf will play the bigger tournaments but there is substantial value to be found betting on the smaller tournaments as well where the favorites have a less competitive field stacked against them. Betting on golf can add to the entertainment value of the tournaments but it can also be a great way to make a substantial profit if you do it the right way and mark the smart money picks.