4 Keys To Betting NHL Playoffs

In every year’s NHL playoffs, 16 teams will vie to have their names permanently etched onto the Stanley Cup. Although the betting options and betting volumes for the NHL playoffs are much larger compared to the regular season, it’s also important to recognize the ways that betting differs in the playoffs compared to the regular season, which we’ll do in this article.

#1 – Avoid Betting On Puck Lines

While betting on the puck lines may work out well during the regular season, this is often not the case when the playoffs roll around. Due to the competitiveness of playoff games, these games usually have a very high chance of being one-goal games. Additionally, teams who have established multiple goal leads during games will often let their foot off the throttle slightly, as conserving leads is much easier than taking offensive risks in an effort to earn a blowout win. Since each series involves multiple games, for teams who are already leading during the course of games, they’re often not interested in trying to run up the score, which may end up fuelling the other team’s motivation and desire to bounce back. As a result, sticking to betting on the moneyline should prove to be the superior option.

#2 – Avoid Lesser Payouts On Game Totals

It’s well-known that defense wins championships and as a result, game totals for NHL playoff games usually hover around the five-goal mark. Bookmakers also tend to give out lesser payouts on either the over or under, but most of the time, on the under. When betting on game totals, you should be extremely selective and avoid betting on totals when they become unplayable due to a lack of value in the potential payouts. Conversely, betting on alternative game totals with much improved payouts may prove to be a prudent strategy. You must be prepared to not bet on game totals where the bookmakers or the public have left you with no value.

#3 – Avoid Reliance On Regular Season Numbers

Many times, people often harp on a team’s regular season dominance as the reason why this team will likely carry the momentum gained during the regular season into the playoffs. However, these assumptions generally lead to losses as opposed to profits, with great value opportunities missed. During the regular season, many factors are present that could end up explaining why a team may have lost a game as opposed to a mismatch in personnel. Fatigue, travel, and injuries are just a few reasons why teams may not be as good as they should be during some nights. However, these factors will not be as prevalent during the playoffs as each team is focused on the matchup at hand and scheduling is the same for both teams. Take a closer look at the lines and try to see if there’s any reasons to support teams that may not have fared as well during the regular season.

#4 – Avoid Betting On Futures

For the NHL playoffs, it’s recommend that you avoid betting on futures due to the fact that the rollover parlay based on a round by round nature will often have higher payouts than betting on the future straight up. Additionally, by rolling over your bets as the rounds progress, you’ll also be able to gain more flexibility and adapt to any unforeseen circumstances. Too often, bettors will place large wagers for teams to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals, only for their money to be wasted during the earlier rounds.