NHL Betting: 5 Tips To Wagering On The Stanley Cup Finals

The last opportunity of every NHL season is during the Stanley Cup Finals, where the top team from the Eastern and Western conference square off for the ultimate glory. While the regular season provides the best betting opportunities in terms of value, in this article, we’ll provide you with five tips to betting on the Stanley Cup Finals.

#1 – Avoid Overreliance On Regular Season Statistics

Although it’s important to analyze the previous games of the two Stanley Cup contenders, it’s also important to not place too much emphasis on previous regular season meetings. Many factors may influence the outcome of regular season games, some of which may include being in the middle of a tough schedule, a litany of injuries, fluxes in team chemistry, etc. It’s important to evaluate how a team will likely perform when the lights are brightest as opposed to making decisions based on regular season games with very little at stake.

#2 – Get Into The Minds Of Coaches

A major difference between the regular season and the playoffs is that coaches and teams will make adjustments based on what’s happening on the ice. Especially during the course of a seven-game series, coaches will tinker with lineups and defenses to exploit the weakness of the other team. Lineup changes may often have drastic impacts over the course of a seven-game series, especially when a goaltender change is involved. A team facing a new goalie who they’ve never faced will initially be unaware of exploitable angles and the general tendencies of the goalie.

#3 – Take Advantage Of Different Betting Markets

If the only ways to bet on the NHL are the moneyline and game totals, it’d be quite difficult to turn a profit year after year. However, by taking advantage of different betting markets, one is able to find bookmakers willing to offer alternate lines and handicaps that will allow bettors to focus on more specific betting aspects to exploit. Additionally, other betting options such as individual period results, three-way full game betting, and alternative handicaps may provide a bettor with a niche that he feels comfortable betting in.

#4 – Value In Live Betting

Real-time betting or betting during intermission may be extremely profitable if done correctly. One example involves potential arbitrage opportunities, if done right. For example, one team may be losing, and in turn, have a higher payout. If this team then storms back to take the lead, the other team will now be the underdog and on betting on both teams during the timeframe that they were underdogs, you’ll guarantee yourself a nice profit regardless of the outcome. Live betting offers many different possibilities along with the fact that the lines may not be the most accurate, since bookmakers are forced to constantly update their lines and odds, without being able to spend much time doing so.

#5 – Avoid Increasing The Size Of Your Bets

Although you may be tempted to increase the size of your bets just because it’s the Stanley Cup Finals, doing so may be a less-than-ideal decision. Additionally, since the odds and lines offered during the Stanley Cup Finals are heavily scrutinized, chances are, you won’t be able to obtain very good value with these betting options. As a result, saving your biggest wager amounts when there’s limited value is not the best idea.