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Early Kentucky Derby Odds

The Kentucky Derby won't be run until the first Saturday in May but The Greek Sportsbook already has prices posted and is accepting wagers on the 132nd Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs.Not...

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Betting The Triple Crown

No matter what time of day it is when you're reading this, somewhere in the world, a horse race either is being run or is about to be run. And just as assuredly, people across the globe are reaching...

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The Eight Common Myths Of Horse Wagering

Squares don't bet enough and journalists don't know enough to have their words carry much weight so if you're curious about handicapping theory and betting practices, it's prudent to listen when...

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Kentucky Derby Futures

The late Hall of Fame trainer Charlie Whittingham once compared thoroughbred racehorses to strawberries. "They're wonderful but they can spoil quickly," observed the Bald Eagle.That's the dilemma...

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Bet Fast Horses, Not Smart Ones

Because it doesn't have an off-season, thoroughbred racing provides more wagering opportunities than any sport. In fact, given its global reach, there probably isn't a minute in the day when someone,...

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Betting the Kentucky Derby

This is the time of year when turf writers and handicappers with resumes thinner than Calista Flockhart feel compelled to lecture the rest of us on which thoroughbreds do and do not have the right...

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Horse Racing

Fortunes are probably won and lost more often in horse racing than anywhere else in the sports betting world. But even better than the tales of woe, which, let's face it, are far more interesting...

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Betting Horses

Go to a horse track, visit an off-track wagering facility or check out the past performances with your buddies and, invariably, the first question from someone's mouth will be, "Who do you like?"...