The 7 Most Important Factors To Consider When Betting On Formula 1

The racing season is underway and that means a chance to make some serious cash when it comes to betting on Formula 1. It’s important to do the necessary research before jumping right in and wagering big amounts of money though and we have some key tips to remember before you put your money on the line. Here is a look at the seven most important factors to consider when betting on Formula 1 racing.

Grid Position

One of the most important factors when it comes to betting on Formula 1 is grid position, which is where the drivers line up for the start of the race. Even more so than in NASCAR or other auto racing tiers, qualifying is often crucial to success in Formula 1. Every course is different but it’s important to understand the different venues and where it is more difficult to overtake drivers in front. For example, the driver that has started on the pole at Monza has won 83.3-percent of the last 12 races at that course. Monaco is another course where it is very difficult to pass while circuits such as the course in Montreal aren’t nearly as difficult to make passes at. Grid position is important so make sure you do your research and understand the value of positioning at every single track when betting on Formula 1 racing.

Track Characteristics

The difficulty in passing is an element of the track that should be taken in to consideration but it isn’t the only thing worth looking up. Each course has its own unique characteristics that make it distinct and everything from average speed to the number of turns, distance and throttle requirements should be taken in to account. There is plenty of information available online with breakdowns of how each F1 driver has fared in the past at ever course on the schedule so make sure to take a look at those numbers and factor them in to your wagering decisions.

Team Strategy

The reality is that team strategy is key to success and should also be taken in to account when making wagers on F1 events. Teams will try to do many different things in order to make sure their drivers get an edge and in certain cases they will work together to make sure one specific driver has the best possible chance to win the race. It’s important to do the necessary research hand understand the possibility that team strategy could have a major impact on the outcome of any given race.


It always makes sense to check the weather forecast before making a bet on a Formula 1 race and adjust accordingly. Rain is an obvious element that can disrupt the race conditions but heat can also have a major impact if the conditions are fine and the track is hot. Some drivers struggle in poor weather conditions while others seem to handle the elements just fine.


Another factor to consider is the tires that drivers are using in a particular race. The tires a driver uses will affect their entire strategy for that race as well as their style. Some tires are better suited for specific courses and there is plenty of information available online as to which serve better on certain surfaces.

Rule Changes

It’s important to understand the impact that rule changes can have, especially if they negate some of the factors listed above. For example, if a driver has had a lot of success in a certain race but rule changes have dramatically changed the outlook for that race then clearly that could negate some of the influence his past success should have on your betting choices. Most race previews include the rule changes that have been made in regards to that race so the information will be there as long as you take the time to look ahead.

Knowledge Is Key

The opportunity is there to make some serious money betting on Formula 1 events but you have to be willing to do the necessary research and improve your overall knowledge. Every individual tip on this list is important and the more knowledge you have the better off your chances will be to win when you wager on Formula 1 events. Take the time to do the necessary research and you should be able improve your overall winning percentages.