The Key Factors To Consider When Betting On Formula One Racing

Formula One isn’t the most popular sports betting option for North Americans but those that are willing to put in the time can make some serious money wagering on the events. Here is a look at the key factors to consider when betting on Formula One racing.

Grid Position

The importance of driver position can vary depending on the track in question. For example, qualifying on the pole at Monza has guaranteed a race win in 83.3% of the last 12 races there while the driver on the pole at the Canadian GP in Montreal went on to win just 33% of the time. It’s important to pay attention to the splits to see where the grid positions have their biggest impact, especially with circuits like Monaco where starting position provides a huge advantage since it is difficult to overtake drivers. Make sure you consider the grid position and how important it is to the outcome of the race before you bet on Formula One.


Formula One bettors should also check the weather forecast before wagering on individual races. The conditions could have a major impact on how the races play out. The weather usually isn’t important when the conditions are fine but when it rains the temperatures drop and that can create an uncertain environment for the races. When the weather projects to have a negative impact, make sure you check on drivers’ past performances in poor weather in order to evaluate how it will impact the race outcome.


Tires play an important role in the outcome of Formula One races with the drivers racing style, the team’s race strategy and how track characteristics affect tires important factors. For example, Pirelli has produced unpredictable tires and that has led to more excitement and overtaking opportunities. Consider the tires when betting on F1 races.

Strategy By Track

Every course on the Formula One tour is different with each circuit holding its own distinctive traits that create unique challenges for drivers. For example, the Bahrain GP is made up of four long straights at the end of which all have high braking zones which prevent clear overtaking opportunities and there are also a number of challenging medium-speed corners that require good car balance. It’s important to review drivers’ past records at a course like this to see who has excelled at this type of circuit in the past. Team strategy is also important and could be a major factor in how teams perform from one track to another. The numbers are all available online including splits for how drivers have performed on a track-to-track basis.


It is important for Formula One bettors to understand the bigger picture every time they wager on a race. F1 bettors need to consider the importance of grid position, weather, tires and strategy based on track. Auto racing might seem like a difficult sport to break down but the numbers are all available online and those that take the time to gather the necessary knowledge will have a significant edge when it comes to predicting winners in Formula One races.