How To Bet On NASCAR Races

Over the last couple of decades, NASCAR has steadily climbed the ladder of popularity and become more of a mainstream type of sport to bet on. The popularity of the sport has led to increased attention in betting markets and in a number of ways it has become that much more popular for sportsbooks. Here is a look at how to bet on NASCAR races.

Picking Outright Winners

The simplest and most popular form of betting on NASCAR is simply to pick the outright winners in any given race. Here is an example of what the sports betting odds might look like for a race:

Jimmie Johnson +200
Jeff Gordon +300
Dale Earnhardt Jr. +450
Brad Keselowski +450
Kyle Busch +700

According to the odds, Johnson is the favorite to win the race outright at +200 followed by Gordon, Earnhardt Jr., Keselowski and Busch. Anybody that wants to bet on Johnson will have a potential winning of $20 for every $10 they wager, $40 for every $20 they wager and so on.

Predicting Top-Three Finishes

As is the case with some other sports like golf, NASCAR fans can also bet on drivers to finish in the top-three. The odds for this type of bet will closely resemble the structure for picking outright winners but they are adjusted to account for the fact that finishing in the top-three is more likely than winning outright.

Speed Row Selections

Another type of bet that is somewhat unique to NASCAR is the speed row bet, in which sportsbooks will group together five to seven drivers and let fans choose will finish the highest out of that group. The fact that drivers are grouped with comparable entries makes it that much more appealing. Where the driver finishes overall makes no difference other than that the driver that finishes highest in their group will win.

Head-To-Head Matchups

The final type of betting for NASCAR is the head-to-head betting between two drivers. The sportsbooks will pit two comparable drivers against one another and allow the public to pick which driver they think will finish better. The odds for this type of wager could look something like this:

Jimmie Johnson -120 v. Brad Keselowski +110

Johnson is considered the favorite in this head-to-head example so the public would have to risk $12 to win $10. Meanwhile, Keselowski is the underdog at +110, so the sports bettors would wager $10 to win $11.


NASCAR betting continues to grow in popularity and that is despite the fact that there is just one race per week to bet on. Those that want to add a little excitement to a race they plan to watch can sprinkle a little money on the event to add to the experience while those that want to make a substantial profit can wager a little more money in order to try to win big. NASCAR will continue to grow in popularity in the summer months when it competes with baseball, golf and tennis throughout the summer and it’s a great sport to bet on for those summer Sunday’s when there isn’t much else going on in terms of wagering on sporting events.