The Different Types Of Premier League Bets

The popularity of the Premier League has led to more coverage of its games in North America than ever before. As a result, more and more fans are willing to bet on the games. There are many different types of bets you can place on Premier League games so it makes sense to understand the differences between the types of bets in order to figure out which one suits you the best. Here is a look at the different types of Premier League bets.

Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet is one of the lesser known types of wagers but it has become more popular over the years. On the surface, it looks like it offers just two outcomes. However, everybody knows that the bookmakers price up the home teams even though they aren’t necessarily the favorite. In a lot of cases the visiting team might actually have a significant edge in a matchup and could offer decent value. In these situations, the Draw No Bet makes a lot of sense as a wager option.

Half Time / Full Time

If you are a fan of betting on teams to simply win but don’t necessary like the prices that are being offered in soccer markets then you might want to consider betting on the full or half time lines. You can choose either of the two options based on the value of the odds and your perception of how you think the game will play out.

Handicap Markets

The handicap markets allow those that want to bet on the favorites a little more value. With the handicap markets you can bet on a favorite to win by 0.5 goals, which is essentially betting on them to win with no option for the push on the draw. In some situations, you might also find value betting on a team to win by more than one goal if there is a line at -1.5. The handicap market is the perfect place to bet on a favorite that you think is going to win by a substantial margin. At the same time, you could also back a substantial underdog to cover a line of 0.5 or 1.5 goals.


Another obvious and popular wager when it comes to Premier League betting is the totals. Based on the line that the sportsbooks provide, you can wager on whether you think there will be more combined goals or less combined goals then the number. Betting on totals is extremely easy but it could be a lot of fun as well.

Number Of Yellow Cards

One other type of Premier League bet that you might want to consider is betting on the number of yellow cards in a game. With the exception of heated derby games, the average Premier League game features about 3.2 yellow cards per game. There is barely fluctuation from season to season so you pretty much know what you can expect. If you feel like a rivalry game between two clubs is bound to heat up and feature plenty of rough stuff then you might want to consider betting on the number of yellow cards in that contest. This is just one more type of wager that is available for those that want to bet on the Premier League.