Football Propositions

NFL Preseason Props - Baltimore Ravens vs Indianapolis Colts

Aug 20, 2018 | 11:55 PM
  • Wager is official once first score in game is recorded. Max wager is $200

  • Wager is official once first score of the game is recorded. Overtime counts towards wager. If neither team scores in the game 0-0 tie, wager has no action. Max wager $200. Official stats

  • Wager is on if either team will score in 1st 6:30 mins of 1st Qtr. Wager is official after 1st 6:30 mins have been played. If a team scores at the 6:30 mark (8:30 Mins left to play in 1st Qtr), Yes is the winning wager. Max $200. Official stats