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Gold Cards

What Are Gold Cards?

Gold Cards are a real money issued randomly in ring games of all stakes levels. In other words, gold cards are rewarded based only on participation on random basis regardless of funds betted or sessions logged. Once you've earned a Gold Card, it never expires.

How Do I Earn Gold Cards?

By taking a seat in any of our real money ring games, you're eligible to receive a Gold Card. As there are no minimum requirements necessary to earn a Gold Card, you may receive one on your first hand, even if you fold!

A Gold Card is released every time the table reaches a pre determined rake amount. Therefore, you will see Gold Cards more frequently at the higher limit tables (even though Gold Cards fall at all levels and stakes of our ring games). When you earn a Gold Card, you'll see it move towards your spot at the table, and from there it will be issued to your Gold Cards collection (within your The Greek Poker rewards portfolio).

What's The Value Of A Gold Card?

The value of each Gold Card is determined by how you use them. While some players hold on to their collection in an effort to hit the $52,000 Jackpot, others use them daily for tournament buy-ins and instant cash wins. Before redeeming your cards, get familiar with judging their value with the following indicators:

By Card

In a regular deck of cards, each individual card holds a different value based on its number or face, and its suit; Gold Cards are no different. Once you receive a Gold Card, you can check the odds of receiving each card using our Gold Card Odds chart.

By Series

On the bottom right hand side of each Gold Card, you'll see a banner indicating a Series number. If you've just received a Gold Card, the banner will show Series III.

Where Can I View My Gold Cards?

Gold Cards earned are safely stored within your The Greek Poker Rewards portfolio. When logged in to The Greek Poker, you can view your personal Gold Card collection by choosing the 'Rewards' tab.

What Can I Use My Gold Cards For?

There are a number of uses for your Gold Cards collection:

  • Access to the Gold Card Daily Lottery for instant cash and free tournament play.
  • Gold Card 500 leaderboard play for a shot at over $10,000 in monthly cash prizes.
  • Your Gold Card collection is your game board for our $52,000 Jackpot.
Gold Card Daily Lottery

At The Greek Poker, winning the lottery is easy. Simply match Gold Cards from your collection to our Lottery to win.

Next Lottery Announcement: 12 PM ET
Win Cash.

If we're offering a cash prize, simply select 'Redeem' and your real money balance will be instantly topped up. We recently offered a $2500 cash prize for a Series I Ace of Spades!

Win a Tournament Ticket.

If our Gold Card Lottery prize is a tournament entry, you'll be escorted directly to the Tournament Lobby for registration by clicking 'Redeem'. Alternatively, you can check the Gold tab within Tournaments for our postings. Check below for tournament times.

Day Time (ET)
Monday 1:30 PM
Tuesday 6:30 PM
Wednesday 11:30 PM
Thursday 5:30 PM
Friday 8:30 PM
Saturday 2:30 PM
Sunday 5:30 PM
Terms and Conditions
  1. Each Daily Lottery posting is valid for 24 hours. Player will not be eligible to redeem Gold Cards for a Lottery once it has expired.
  2. Players must redeem Gold Cards from their personal collection to receive a Daily Gold Card Lottery cash prize or tournament entry.
  3. Redeemed Gold Cards are removed from the player's personal collection.
  4. Each Gold Card Daily Lottery will specify a card using suit and Series number. Players must hold each specific Gold Card in their personal collection to be eligible.
  5. Gold Card Daily Lottery cash prizes are valid only within their posted times. Once a Lottery posting expires, players are no longer permitted to redeem Gold Cards for that specific prize.
  6. The Greek Poker Management decisions are final.
Gold Card 500

The Gold Card 500 is a race. For this leaderboard, your Gold Cards collected at the tables are converted in to miles. Place in the Top Ten mile collectors of each weekly race, and we'll reward you with instant cash of up to $500.

Gold Card Weekly Leaderboard Prizes
1st Place $500
2nd Place $400
3rd Place $350
4th Place $300
5th Place $250
6th Place $200
7th Place $150
8th Place $125
9th Place $115
10th Place $110

The mile value associated with each Gold Card earned is shown below. The more cards you earn, the more miles you collect; however, which Gold Cards you collect will play a strong role in your pace!

Gold Card Mile Values Gold Card 500 Mileage Calculator
Miles Grid
2 1 1 1 1
3 1 1 1 1
4 1 1 1 1
5 2 2 2 2
6 2 2 2 2
7 3 3 3 3
8 4 4 4 4
9 5 5 6 6
T 7 7 8 9
J 10 11 12 13
Q 15 17 19 21
K 24 26 28 30
A 34 37 40 45
Gold Card 500 Game Modifiers
No Limit/Pot Limit Game Modifiers
Big Blind of $0.01 to $0.50 = 5x Miles in Grid
Big Blind of $0.51 to $2.00 = 2x Miles in Grid
Big Blind of $2.01+ = 1x Miles in Grid
Fixed Limit Game Modifiers
Big Blind of $0.01 to $1.00 = 5x Miles in Grid
Big Blind of $1.01 to $3.00 = 2x Miles in Grid
Big Blind of $3.01+ = 1x Miles in Grid
Terms and Conditions
  1. Players are not required to redeem Gold Cards for the Gold Card 500 promotion.
  2. Entry to the Gold Card 500 leaderboard is based on points or miles earned per weekly race.
  3. Each weekly race begins at 8:00 PM Monday EST and ends the following Sunday, at 7:59 PM EST.
  4. Only Gold Cards earned during the published weekly race times (as per rule #3) are used for leaderboard positioning in the current race. Gold Card miles cannot be carried over from previous weeks.
  5. Gold Cards redeemed during the weekly race times (for Gold Card promotions such as the Gold Card Daily Lottery or monthly prize hand), will not affect a player's leaderboard standing or mile/point value.
  6. Players placing in the Top Ten of a weekly Gold Card 500 race leaderboard will receive the posted prize in their Real Money account within 24 hours of the race closing.
  7. The Greek Poker Management decisions are final.