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The Greek Poker F.A.Q.

How do I get started playing Online poker games?

Here at The Greek, we've gone the extra mile to get you playing quickly and easily. Simply visit our Getting Started section which has all the instructions on how to download the poker games software.


What types of Internet poker room games are available?

We've made sure to give you a great variety of games to choose from. We offer Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud and an assortment of tournaments.

I'd like to start playing now. What's the fastest way to get in on a game now?

Simply download and install the software. Then go to and login with your details. Click play and the software will launch, choose a table from the lobby and select your seat!

Can I try the Internet poker room games out before depositing?

Absolutely! Download and install the software using the instructions from the Getting Started page. Then login using your sportsbook details and when you open the poker room you will find a menu listing "Play Money" and "Real Money" games. Try out your favorite game and when you're ready to take the next step, visit the "Cashier" Section.

Is Fun Poker really free and can I play right now?

Yes, it's absolutely free! Simply download our software once and you'll be playing in minutes! Once you gain the confidence you need, you may want to join in on our lower limit games starting at only $0.02 - $0.04. It's your choice to play for fun or for cash and you move at your own pace!

How many play chips do you get with Fun Poker?

All new players receive 1,000 Fun Poker chips. If you run out of Fun Poker chips, you can get more by clicking on the "Buy Chips" button when you attempt to buy-in. Good luck, and let's see how good your poker skills are!

How do I select the type of poker game and which table I want to sit at?

In the lobby, click the game titles on the doors, or each door itself to select between each type of game. The available tables for each game are listed vertically, simply double-click on the table you wish to join, or press the "PLAY" button.

Where can I learn how to play Internet poker room games, like Hold'em and others?

Learn the rules of our poker room games and tournaments in the Poker 101 section of our website. All the basic game rules are included for your convenience.

How do I get started playing Internet poker games?

Here at The Greek, we've gone the extra mile to get you playing quickly and easily. Simply visit our Getting Started section which has all the instructions on how to download the poker games software.

What do I do if the game freezes or the Internet disconnects?

If you are disconnected during a hand, the software will automatically attempt to reconnect you to the Internet and return you to your table. If you return in the allotted time, you will find yourself still in your same seat with the other players waiting for you to continue the hand as if you had never left. If you return after the allotted time limit, the software will have put you "all-in" and, through our hand history function, you will be able to see what happened on the hand that got frozen. If your hand was a winning hand, you win the main pot of that game. Click here for details about our Disconnection Policy.

What happens to my hand if I get disconnected and I cannot return back in time?

If you do not return in time, you will automatically be all-in. Each player is granted a specific number of all-ins per day to protect his or her hands, in the event of disconnections. If you have already used your daily all-ins and do not return to the table in time, then your hand will automatically be folded. We do not suggest playing if you've used all your allotted all-ins for that day. We suggest paging the Host and advising him of the situation so that he can make a decision regarding resetting your all-ins for that session. On play money tables, you have an unlimited number of all-ins. Click here for details about our Disconnection Policy.

The server crashed in the middle of a hand. What happens when a hand is restarted? What happens to my money?

Transactions are posted to players' accounts at the completion of every hand. If a hand is not completed for any reason, then all players' accounts are restored to what they were at the beginning of the hand. All bets are off and a new hand is dealt.

If I want to leave the game for a short break but not quit the game, can I do this? What happens to my money?

Simply click the "Deal Me Out" option on your screen. Your money will remain on the table until you return. Out of consideration for the other players, however, please get back to the game as quickly as possible. Our software is configured to sign you out once you miss 3 big blinds. If you miss this deadline, you can come back to the same table as long as there are seats available to play. On Hold'em and Omaha, you will be required to post a Big Blind if you decide to join the game immediately. You will also have a choice to wait for the big blind as well.

How does the wait list feature work when a table is full?

If a table you select is currently full, press the Wait button and you will be added to the wait list. The lobby screen will show you where you are on the list. For example: "4 of 5" means that you are fourth on the list of the five people that are waiting. When a seat becomes available, you will automatically be summoned.

If my desired table is empty, can I sit down?

We suggest you do. It is our goal to have you play the game you want to play. Chances are, you'll be able to get your desired game going, even if you're the first one to take a seat. Other players will most likely arrive shortly.

What does Avg. Pot and Plrs/Flp in the Lobby mean?

Avg. Pot is the average pot size for the last 20 hands. Plrs/Flp is the percentage of players, averaged over the last 20 hands, who "see the flop".

How do I know how much money is in the pot?

The chips are clearly stacked and can be easily read. In addition to chip display you will see a small box with the amount of the pot written in it.

What does "game number" mean?

Every hand played is given a unique game number. This game number (also known as "hand number") can be used when requesting player hand histories, or when there is a problem with a specific game that you would like to review or report. If there is ever a question or a problem with a particular game, note the game number and reference it when contacting us. If you missed the game number and the next game has already started, check under "previous game" at the top right corner of screen.

How can I check the outcome of a hand I was in?

The "Last Hand" button is located below the current hand number and can be clicked to provide an immediate review of the previous hand. You will also find the Hand History in text format, in the folder where you installed The Greek Poker located within your personal computer files.

I keep getting disconnected or frozen. What can be done?

This is normally caused by Internet conditions beyond our control, having to do with your Internet service provider. We can suggest using an alternate provider if you have one. An inconsistent Internet connection can be caused by any number of things, and is difficult to diagnose at times. This problem may also be caused by slow dial-up connections. Our technicians may be able to suggest ways in which you can improve your connection, and thereby improve the game performance for you.

In an emergency, such as if I need to call a Host or the game has locked up for everyone at the table, how do I contact someone for an immediate response?

In the Poker Lobby, you will see an option for "Live Chat". This notifies a Customer Support Representative that you need immediate attention and he/she will be right with you via private messaging.

Can anything be done to stop harassing, abusive or offensive chat at the tables?

While allowing a player to speak freely, we want to keep the games clean and fun. The Greek does not allow offensive or abusive language in the chat. Nor will we tolerate harassment of our players at the table. If someone is behaving contrary to this policy, this person is automatically entered in a database along with his Username, game number and the exact word or phrase used. Also, please let us know about it by e-mailing support. We will promptly take appropriate corrective action to insure our games remain fun for all our members.

How does the chop blinds option work?

To chop the blinds means simply to return the blinds to the players who posted them and move on to the next hand, if nobody calls the blind. To activate this option, click on the Chop Button next to the chat box on the lower left corner of the poker room screen.

How do I change my password?

Your Poker account login details are the same as the one for your Sports Book account. Therefore, should you wish to change your password you will need to login to and click on Account Services from the menu at the top. Then click on Update Account Info. The screen will ask you to enter a new password that you would like to use (enter your new password TWICE to confirm). Remember to keep your password confidential and change it regularly as an added security measure.

Can I change my nick name?

At The Greek Poker, we allow players the ability to change their Player ID (name appearing at the poker tables) every 7 days. To do this, please visit the 'My Account' tab when logged on to the Greek Poker software.

How do I update my personal information?

Please send us an e-mail to with the request for change and we will update this information for you accordingly.

Who runs The Greek Poker?

One of the most respected and reputable companies in the world, The Greek Sportsbook, operates The Greek poker. An industry leader since 1996, The Greek Sportsbook has taken its expertise to the next level of gaming entertainment by offering its patrons new opportunities to "get in on the action".