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Sports Betting, George Clooney Style

From the actor George Clooney to golfer Lee Trevino and athletes, journalists, business leaders, executives and whomever in between, June was a very good month for those of us who enjoy quips and...

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Sportsbook And Casino Games Cheats; Part 1: Slot Machine Crooks

It was more than two decades ago that Barron Hilton, the chairman of the hotel chain that bears his name (and grandfather of you-know-who), shelled out $50,000 for a private, six-hour seminar from...

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Sportsbook And Casino Games Cheats; Part 2: Blackjack Thieves

Blackjack is every casino's most popular and profitable game but the house's bottom line could be even stronger were it not for the efforts of thieves, called crossroaders. The most dangerous form of...

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Sportsbook And Casino Games Cheats; Part 3: Dice Swindles

The fast-paced nature of craps and the physical involvement of the player make it a target of opportunity for casino cheats, or crossroaders, as they're commonly called.Obviously, the easiest way to...

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Christmas Is For Sports Betting

'Twas the night before Christmas and in every casino, Not a player was stirring, from sports book to keno.The prices were hung on the wallboards with care, In hopes a high roller soon would be...

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There Are No Stupid Questions

Shouldn't sportswriters, journalists and commentators know something about odds and oddsmaking before they issue proclamations and offer opinions on gambling? Didn't a newspaper columnist look...

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Sportsman of the Year

Soon, one of the great secrets of our time, which athlete will be selected Sports Illustrated's "Sportsman or Sportswoman of the Year" will be revealed.Let's handicap the field:Lance Armstrong (2/1):...

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Unusual Wagers

It was 1960 when David Threlfall bet 10 pounds British Sterling at odds of 1,000/1 that a man would walk on the moon before the end of the decade. Nine years later, when Neil Armstrong took "one...